Releash Aljezur

Hidden gems

Do you seek empty beaches without crowds? Then you’ve come to the right place at the west coast near Aljezur. A short distance from our boutique guesthouse you can reach various beaches within fifteen minutes by car.

Take a little more time and do some searching on Maps. Even in high season you can find many beaches where there are only a handful of people.

But how and where? Take an advantaged drive slightly north of Aljezur to the village of Rogil and then follow the signs to Praia da Carreagem or Praia de Vale dos Homens. Are you going even further north? then visit the beaches at Vila Nova de Milfontes. Here you can imagine yourself on finitely long beaches.

If you drive south from Aljezur and ignore the busy beaches of Arrifana and Monte Clérigo(at least in summer), take the exit to Carrapateira. Soon you can turn right to a beautiful beach called Praia de Vale Figueiras. For this beach, make sure you have a car that can handle a bad road (read four wheel drive car). It is also possible with a normal passenger car, but then you have to take this road very careful to not damage your car.

If you go a little further south, you can go to the beautiful expansive beach Praia do Amado in Carrapateira. Or a little further south at the height of Vila do Bispo you will find even more fantastic beaches. All this within an hour’s drive from Aljezur and gives you plenty to explore from our lovely Boutique Guesthouse Releash Aljezur.

If you want personal tips? Don’t hesitate to ask us, because every beach has something unique and may or may not suit your needs.

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